5 Acts of Kindness

1. Feed to someone

Last night when I was going to hotel for dinner with my friends. When we free from dinner and I step forward for paying bill. I saw a man who is standing in front of the hotel, I saw in his that he is hungry and not begging for food because he is not look like a bagger. I called him and gave him some money by asking that to eat some food from the hotel. I am very happy when I see the pleasure in his eyes.

2. Planting

In summer when it is heat scorching day, we make some cold water, take bath and sit in AC, plants also need water in summer otherwise they will be perished, so I gave water to plants after sometime they were looking very fresh and I was feeling good vibes

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink”

3. Love Cats

I always feed stray cats. We have some stray cats and I love them and feed some food.

4. Helping Children

I am always help my younger brother and sisters in their home work. So they can do their work easily and gets good marks in exams.

5. Helping Roommate

one of my roommate in in hostel who is also my university fellow, he need some money for the purpose of their personal needs I gave this money to him and he is very happy and thanks to me for this.



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