Needs Of Grounds

As the growth of population increases as much as our resources decrease. The ground in the city or in villages is not available for the playing of children.

Is there anything that sounds more joyful than the sound of kids at play? The happiness on their faces and the sound of bliss in their voices show how much kids enjoy being able to play and engage with friends in the community. Oftentimes, school and the city or village playground are the foundation of friendships that last years. Long-lasting friendships are not the only benefit of play and playgrounds. These are very important for the community.

The playground is polishing the skills of the child and providing the best player to a country that helps to make its name in the world. Countries are also known by the name of game. As before many people know Pakistan through cricket.

Through this child also know how to help others and also that how to work in a team. In short, they learn a lot on the ground and they are always motivated for their future.

The government needs to provide ground for children and take decisions when new houses colonies are made and must give the grounds.



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