Positive Reflection

A Turning Point in My Life

Thinking of the spectacular learning moments for myself, I was baffled to choose the best one of all. However, the journey started in March. The first day to work with an inclusive set-up & typical people, the Amal Academy. There is a little summary for you readers to understand the situation completely. I have chosen an instance. Because this is the beginning of my every achievement afterward, this has given birth to my desires & destinies.

My mentors & my work

A teacher transmits success to the students. They suffer like a lump of coal to make a student “Diamond.” There is no discrimination and neglect. Because people reject us, disabled.

The feedback & appreciation delivered by Sir Asadullah Khan our project manager were the turning point in my life. If it did not happen, I would not be writing this blog. The improvements Highlighted by Ma’am Hira Athar made me able to polish myself. Due to their efforts, my negative thoughts about my community just vanished away; I have come to know, “I can do everything.”

Thinking caparison & achievement motivation

I used to not expect from myself. I felt naturally inferior to the world as a blind student. I used to think that I had been a deficient one and nobody had cared about me. The motivation of achieving something was somehow increasing. But suddenly, it got dead. It means, “Nothing to Expect. At the contemporary time, I have been achieving my destinies and evaluating myself. The generativity of positive thinking helped me to overcome the superstitions as well.

The Environment as a Catalyst

I used to prefer working individually. Anyhow, I realized the effectiveness of teamwork. My fellows did support me in reading texts and accommodated me with the accessible material. These all things boosted my working rate and the number of hours to focus on Amal courses. The environment has played a crucial role in my self-development. My fellows, accommodations by Amal, & the production of material, and the counseling of my mentors were the real keys to enhancing my determination and hard work.

Accomplishment & positive thinking

After the achievements, my performance increased 100 times. Due to this, the doors of my mind got opened & I took the initiative.

So, after getting experience, I have been

· Putting my best in all projects, even outside of Amal

· Maintaining the position in my whole batch

· Helping others as much as possible

· Doing a unique mega-project of SEP

· Preferring working with a team

These all changes have occurred in my personality just because of imagining positively. In my actions, I got rid of negative & unintentional thoughts.

Looking backward, before getting that award & AMAL, I was not passionate, engaged, interested, and willing to do the things extra mile, honestly! I just took my life as a usually disabled person. The spark was missing. Maybe, I did need this moment of getting valuable feedback and appreciation from dozens of people. otherwise, I would not be able to get rid of these negative thoughts and the credit goes to the AMAL Team, the environment, and the incredible assessors. Though now, as an impaired, I got a release from the disabled thinking and feel positive too.



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