Virtual learning During the Pendamic covid-19

Nowadays, in the situation of coronavirus all over the world facing the problem of lockdown. Like everything has been closed, the learning process has also been stopped. students are not able to attend the classes physically, so the universities amend the studies and effort to continue their activity. Due to covid-19 universities are turning the physically classes into online classes. Online classes can subtract the loss of study, and virtual learning imposed some major concerns.

Virtual learning is available to every student sitting everywhere around all over the world. Some major issues are facing by students in virtual learning. These issues have an impact on the study. In Pakistan, this point is very effective for students that study is online.

In virtual learning, we need high-speed internet. In Pakistan, especially in faraway areas students facing this problem. As the internet has a basic role in online classes if you have not any facility of internet, you may not attend the classes. Speed of the internet also matter if you have a low speed of the internet you face many difficulties in virtual learning. Many students find it difficult to adopt the online learning environment. This sudden change has modified the way of learning. Students adopt computer-based learning, which is very difficult for students because before this they will not learn the study like that. We have a lack of knowledge about the technology, therefore we also face many problems in attending the classes. They do not know that how to operate the computer, how to join the class. In virtual learning, the assignment must be dependent on the computer. The assignment must be online and written in word or excel which is also used on a computer. As the students are not able to operate the basic computer. So, this is also the major problem that facing by the students. In many cases, students are facing the problem of time management. This is totally new for all the students, students need the scheduled to manage the time of the classes. Learning from home is an amazing experience for students. For online classes, you must be alone in a room. At home, your mother may disturb you and may ask you that borrow something from the Bazar. Your younger brothers and sisters may disturb you. In virtual learning, students are losing their hope as they are finding difficulties in online classes. Lack of motivation is also a major challenge for the students. In online classes teachers provides online classes, lectures, materials and assignments. If students have a lack of internet or lack of technical information they are not able to attend the classes and do their assignments.

All around the world, educational institutions are looking toward online learning platforms to continue the process of the education process. We attend classes everywhere in virtual learning. We have not faced the problem of travelling. If the students are busy at the time of class they have the option of online lectures, the student may ask the teacher to provide the recorded lecture. This allows students to access the learning material at a time of their comfort. Online learning offers to students the accessibility of place in education. Since online classes can be taken from home or the location of choice. Virtual learning has reduced financial costs. Because this has to eliminate the cost of transportation, student meals etc. every student has a different learning style. Some students are good at learning way as a solo because they distracted by groups. Some students have a benefit for their study because they avail themselves each and everything. Through online classes, students have improved their technical skills. they know about the technology and knowledge about the basic computer and how to operate the basic computer.

Physical classes are more efficient than Virtual learning. Physical education develops students’ competence and confidence to take part in physical activities that become a central part of their lives. They participate live in the activities and they are appreciated by the teachers at the spot. In physical, The students observe the life of peoples and they learn more from the physical.


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